Highest Reception to Welcome Back 141 Medical Team Members from Hubei !


On April 7, the last group of 141 medical team members of SCU West China Hospital arrived in Chengdu safely from Wuhan after successfully completing various tasks. As of right now, all 212 SCU medical team members have returned in triumph. Qinghua Peng, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, Li Yin , governor of Sichuan Province, Chairman Jianguo Wang of SCU university council, Yanrong Li, President of Sichuan University, and Weimin Li, President of West China Hospital, etc., went to meet them at the airport. Li Yin presided over the welcome ceremony.

The plane landed around 15:50. The airport conducted a grand reception for the medical team. When the team members came out of the cabin door, all the leaders waved to them in respect, and a long applause and cheers erupted in the waiting crowd. While the team members descended the gangplank, waving the national flags, the song “I love you, China” started to play. After the members came down to the ground, they maintained a safe distance and briefly talked with their families.

Yan Kang, leader of the fifth batch of Hubei medical team and director of the Department of Critical Care Medicine, West China Hospital of Sichuan University, introduced about the situation. He said that SCU West China Hospital dispatched the third medical team to help at Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University ( east campus ). The team took over two critical care units in their entirety. It was one of the medical teams with the heaviest workload, the most intensive work and the longest continuous work hours among all the medical teams assisting in Hubei. As a result, the team has received commendation from the State Council and the Hubei provincial government for their hard work.

After listening to the briefing, Qinghua Peng made a speech. He said that COVID-19 struck all of a sudden, endangering the whole country. Wuhan was in a state of emergency, so was Hubei. Starting from the Chinese New Year’s Day, (Sichuan Province) sent, in a successive wave, ten medical teams, three disease control and prevention teams to fight the virus in Wuhan. A total of 1,463 medical professionals participated in this campaign. They fought alongside medical staffs from across the nation in the battle against COVID-19, making remarkable contribution to the control and prevention of the virus. You have brought honor to the people of Sichuan and the medical workers. People in the whole province are proud of you! Qinghua Peng finally told everyone to rest at ease, recuperate, and return to their relatives and work in the best condition.

Putting their lives on the line, the SCU medical staff on the team rushed to help Wuhan despite the risks. With superb medical skills and high-quality services, they made great contributions to the anti epidemic war in Wuhan. From January 25 to April 7 when the last group of medical team members returned safely after completing their tasks, a total of 212 medical professionals came back sound and well. West China Hospital, Sichuan University have sent 175 medical staff, mainly responsible for 3 wards and 99 beds of Wuhan Red Cross Hospital, and 80 beds of 2 critical care units of Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University ( east campus ). They have treated a total of 667 hospitalized patients, cured 354 and transferred out 223. The medical team from West China Second University Hospital treated 92 novel coronavirus pneumonia patients, of whom 35 were critically ill and 72 were discharged. West China Fourth University Hospital dispatched 12 medical personnel to assist in Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University ( east campus ). They were mainly responsible for the treatment of severe and critical patients. After 74 days of hard work at the front line, all 212 members returned home safely. What a superb job!