SCU Ranked 53rd among Global Universities in the Latest Nature Index


Recently, the Natural Index web¬site published the annual ranking of the 2019 Nature Index (spanning from 2018.1.1 to 2018.12.31). SCU ranked 53rd among global universities, a significant progress over the 81st last year.

The Nature Index has become an important indicator for evaluating the outputs of high-level academic achievements of research institutions. It calculates statistically the quantity of research papers published by scientific research institutions in the previ¬ous year, including 82 series (68 selected in 2014 and 82 in June 2018), such as Nature series, Science, and Cell in natural science journals. 82 sources of journals are divided into four categories: Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Life Sciences and Physics. SCU has predominant strength in Chemistry and ranks 14th among the world¬wide universities.